navy blue silicon bracelet with cubic zirconia stones on rose gold

Diamond Bracelet

Are you looking for elegant, beautiful and genuine diamond bracelets in New Zealand?

Sona Sansaar appeals to the constantly evolving people of today who seek classic and timeless jewellery that also celebrates the modern age. 

Our diamond bracelets are crafted using the highest quality and ethically sourced diamonds, and come in a variety of unique designs that are both traditional and modern. This uniqueness will make you stand out and will ensure that your bracelet catches the eye effortlessly.

These wearable bracelets make for gorgeous wrist candy, perfect for everyday wear or special occasions of any sort. These classy bracelets go perfectly with a variety of outfits - from fancy dresses to jeans - elevating any ensemble and turning even the most beautiful outfits into something more.

These diamond bracelets have a truly unique and universal appeal that few pieces of jewellery can compare with. All of our bracelets are made using the best quality 18 kt gold. Our one-of-a-kind bracelets offer you understated and effortless elegance as well as eye-catching boldness.

The intricacy of the designs also speaks to the expertise and skill of the bracelet’s designers, who have managed to create something that simultaneously evokes modern sensibilities while recalling the classic beauty of eras past.

Silicon-Based Bracelet

The silicon-based bracelets on which the intricate gold and diamond designs are placed make for an unusual and unique look, adding a splash of colour in ways that all-metal bracelets cannot.

Whether navy blue or black, these silicon-based bracelets catch the eye and make for a striking addition to any ensemble owing to their sleek modern look. 

The silicon base also makes the bracelet exceedingly comfortable - a warm and sparkling beauty hugging your wrist that you will never want to remove.

Cubic Zirconia

For those with a tighter budget, our range of gorgeous bracelets can be encrusted with cubic zirconias rather than diamonds. This significantly reduces the price while retaining the same classic and timeless look.

Cubic zirconias look almost identical to diamonds yet cost a fraction of what diamonds cost. Only the most well-trained jeweller might be able to tell the difference since they sparkle and twinkle just as beautifully as any diamond might.

What’s more, cubic zirconias are ethically produced since they are created artificially in a laboratory rather than mined. This means that they carry a significantly lower carbon footprint than genuine mined diamonds and are, therefore, a more environmentally conscious choice.