22kt pure gold rings

Gold Ring

Explore our wide range of pure 22 karat gold rings, bands and more that are available for sale online. Our rings are great for all genders and ages with our many ranges of designs and colours of gold. Our ring colours range in yellow gold, chocolate gold, white gold and multi coloured meenakari painted designs that provide you a unique choice of gold rings to choose from.


Are you looking for gold jewellery that matters? At Sona Sansaar, we provide gold rings for the Auckland market that stand the test of time. A classic investment piece becomes the cornerstone of your collection when you select the right fine jewellery. We curate gold rings that are truly a mark of quality and craftsmanship and we do so by honouring the classic ideals of gold value.

Not only do we insist on using only the finest grade gold ‒ the same grade that is used for investment-grade gold bullion ‒ but our pieces are created with vision and insight into the true beauty of 22-karat gold pieces. Yes, our gold rings are stunning and serve as fashionable adornments, but our gold rings are also of such high quality that they serve as extremely wise investment pieces too.

Expressing yourself through a striking gold ring or any other jewellery allows you to make a statement about your personal style and taste. You could opt for a classic statement piece or get creative and play with different styles and combinations, such as stacking or using a mix of varying artistry to elevate the nuances of gold. 

Regardless of how you choose to wear your gold rings in Auckland, or anywhere else really, the true test of style and character lies in the gold itself. Timeless and eternal, gold signifies a dignified and classical choice that can last for many lifetimes. Whether your gold ring is being chosen as a statement piece, a cherished gift, an engagement ring, a wedding band, or even a bond of familial love, each ring we offer is created to be of the highest standard and serves the purpose of both a beautiful ring and an investment. Not only in the jewellery, but in yourself.


At Sona Sansaar, we uphold the belief that our clients deserve the very best ‒ always. To honour our promise of value and beauty, we have made it our mission to offer gold rings for sale that are extremely high in value due to the high gold content per piece but without an egregious mark up. This means that your investment goes further and that you get more return for your investment because we place the value of our relationship with you first and offer you the most iconic pieces for a fair price. Trust gold as a standard. Choose something beautiful to relish it.