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The Guardians Lion Nail Pendant

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Featuring noble guardians, The Guardians Lion Nail Pendant is a symbol of majesty and protection. Crafted in 22K gold, this piece features a trio of majestic lion heads. Below these sentinel beasts, the pendant forges into the iconic claw—a symbol of might and unwavering courage. The representation of nature's fierce protector is both a symbol of raw power to protect.


Metal 22K Yellow Gold
Total Weight 6.98 grams

Some of the top brands in jewellery in the retail market can mark up their products around 200 to 300%. Not only that, they sell 9kt, 14kt and 18kt gold. As a result you are paying more of your money, for less gold. 

At Sona Sansaar we strive to do things fairly for everyone. Not only do we offer high quality craftsmanship on our products. We offer 22kt pure gold jewellery that is x-ray tested on site at fair pricing. Pay less for more luxurious pure gold in your jewellery collection.