Nose Piercing and Ear Piercing

Nose Piercing Auckland

With over 20 years of experience with Indian Jewellery we are no strangers to delivering excellent ear piercing and nose piercing in Auckland. This includes…

  • Safe and sterile piercing methods; each piercing package is untouched by human hands and everything in the process is sterilized.
  • Effective nose and ear piercings.
  • Large range of fashionable piercing studs.
  • Piercings available for all ages (for newborns and very young children, one of our experts in-store will need to assess and clarify when it is an ideal time to go ahead with piercing).
  • We can remove infected/harmful piercings performed at home or elsewhere and re-pierce as needed.
  • Piercing studs that are available for school use (plain; clear; small studs).

    Ear Piercing Auckland

We have a large range of piercing studs available so it is best to visit us in store to see what is available at the time. For more information contact one of our branches.