Indian Jewellery

At Sona Sansaar we have over 20 years of experience in Auckland, New Zealand when it comes to Indian Jewellery. Our stores stock genuine 21 and 22 carat ethnic Indian Jewellery that have been crafted by hand overseas. Our range in authentic Indian Jewellery consists of…

  • Meenakari Indian Jewellery.
  • Earrings, including small studs to large multiple tier jhumka’s.
  • Traditional ballmala necklaces set with exquisite pearls and high quality beads.
  • Modern and traditional rings for Men and Women.
  • Signet rings with or without premium semi-precious gems including sapphires, garnet, corals, rubies, emeralds (these are available ready made or made to order).
  • Modern and traditional mangalsutra necklaces set with black and crystal beads.
  • Bangles/Patta’s that are available from single pieces to large sets of multiple pieces.
  • Pendants embossed with religious illustrations.

..and much much more!

If you are after something specific do not hesitate to contact one of our stores for more information due to our stock constantly changing seasonally.