PAMP Gold Bar

How can we help you on your gold investment?

Here’s how we can help!

Gold has been around since the beginning of civilization and has been a key commodity for trading! Before cash, eftpos and credit cards that we use today nearly every transaction was done with gold and silver. This being said, gold still has a significant influence on our markets globally today! This is reflected in the gold price changing day to day!

Like any other stock or currency, gold and silver is changing day to day due to supply and demand as a result of global events.

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We provide the following bullion options:

  • Gold coins and bars manufactured by..
  • Sona Sansaar; PAMP; Perth Mint; NZ Mint and other varieties.
  • Silver coins and bars manufactured by..
  • PAMP; NZ Mint and other varieties.Denominations start as low as 1 gram for gold. Due to demand of certain amounts and brands our supply fluctuates on a day to day basis, call one of our branches for more information.